Counselling and Therapy in Glasgow

Counselling approach

I work with an integrated approach, which means that I work with 2 different approaches or modalities;

I originally trained in a person centred approach, therefore at the centre of my work is the view  that a strong therapeutic relationship is at at the heart of any success in therapy.

My interest in CBT arose from working with clients within 6 sessions, as stipulated by Employee Assistance Programmes, or other agencies offering short therm work;

I have increasingly worked with CBT to help to meet both professional goals –  getting clients back to work after illness, and helping them recover from career setbacks as well as personal goals of dealing with trauma, injury, relationship and psychological problems.

My own evidence base is that the tools and techniques of CBT are effective, when combined with a strong therapeutic relationship.

I use the terms therapy and counselling as interchangeable, and I work between the approaches, hopefully taking the best of both.

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